Commercial Rate Card:

Photography inclusive of travel within zone 4 and set up time

1 hour                        £150

2 hours                     £250

3 to 4 hours              £375

1 Day (8 hours)          £650

Further hours            £75

Digital post-production includes file editing, custom renaming, adjustments for size, colour, contrast, brightness, saturation and sharpness

£25 per hour

Digital post-production charges are waived on the first job for a new client

Delivery images in publication-ready format in high & low resolution, including archiving & storage of both original and processed files

Digital transfer         £10

DVD                          £15

Assistants used when required for logistical reasons or when they provide a net saving

 £75 per half day


Transport costs by arrangement

Travel beyond zone 4 charged at £50 per hour


Image copyright remains the property of the photographer unless otherwise agreed

Images are licensed only for the purposes for which they were originally produced - permission must be obtained for other uses.

Permission to use images is conditional on payment of the invoice - payment terms strictly 28 days

Buy Out or Rights fees to be negotiated.